Women in the Letters of Boniface: By Sam Dubbelman

St. Bonifice (c. 675-754 CE) is remembered today as a missionary and a martyr. He is remembered (along with St. Martin of Tours) for cutting down "pagan" holy trees to prove the superiority of the Christian God. But,  The letters of Boniface also give us a unique view into the various roles women played in English … Continue reading Women in the Letters of Boniface: By Sam Dubbelman

Mary Magdalene: Prostitute or Apostle

  The four canonical gospels identify Mary Magdalene as the first witness to the resurrection. And yet, later Christian tradition comes to primarily identify this Mary as a reformed prostitute. In the Medieval church there were even women religious orders named after Mary Magdalene that consisted of former prostitutes turned nuns. How did Mary the … Continue reading Mary Magdalene: Prostitute or Apostle